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designate / обозначать, определять, указывать
denote, designate, mark, define, note, denominate
define, determine, set, measure, designate, govern
indicate, specify, point, point out, show, designate
appoint (someone) to a specified position.
he was designated as prime minister
имя прилагательное
appointed to an office or position but not yet installed.
the Director designate
Ask your folks to prepare or update a will and designate a family member to handle medical and financial affairs.
Power of attorney is a legal device in which an elder will designate another person to act in his or her stead.
Financial experts suggest consulting a professional to create a detailed estate plan, which will put in writing where you want assets to go and designate a family member, relative, or trusted adult to execute it.
The contractor must designate a competent person to assess the excavation and determine that it is safe for project personnel to enter and work.
Much has been made of the suggestion that the supposedly moderate prime minister designate intends to disband the militias.
If possible in your family situation, designate someone to gather and disseminate expert news from the internet.
The person reached by telephone was asked whether he or she could speak for the family or if he or she would designate someone else.
In a major shake-up of management, chief operations office becomes chief executive designate .
On most shows, the producers designate someone - often, themselves - as the judges.
Our cameras now take you to the Central Polling Office to hear from the Prime Minister designate .