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desiderata / что-либо недостающее, что-либо желаемое
имя существительное
что-либо недостающее
что-либо желаемое
имя существительное
something that is needed or wanted.
integrity was a desideratum
While these are the essential requirements, certain additional desiderata should perhaps be recorded.
In the arena of sex, ‘virtuousness’ for women but ‘virtuosity’ for men have always been the desiderata .
In principle that does seem to be the ideal solution to reach the twin desiderata in health care: cost control and clinical freedom for providers.
Variety and abundance were desiderata and restrained components of animals, buildings, landscape, etc. should therefore be included.
The full desiderata of resort luxury is here, including huge seafront grounds private villas and fine dining - not to mention a spa where the healing hands are exceptional.
There are many desiderata of a successful privatization process, not all of which are compatible.
Well, you know, these are among the desiderata , the telltales, of great art in any culture!
Those bedrooms, while not obvious desiderata for a family of three, should bring the asking price up to half a million dollars.
It enshrines the essential desideratum of popular criticism - it only criticizes other people.
In his view, avoiding ‘social dissension’ is more than a policy desideratum or a prudent aspiration.