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desiccate / высыхать, высушивать, терять влажность
dry, dry up, shrivel, run dry, desiccate, parch up
dry up, desiccate, parch, sear, exsiccate
терять влажность
remove the moisture from (something, especially food), typically in order to preserve it.
desiccated coconut
lacking interest, passion, or energy.
a desiccated history of ideas
These events may need to occur within a fixed time period under the high temperature and low moisture conditions of the desert since high temperatures and low moisture will eventually desiccate detached stem segments.
It is important to uproot and desiccate these weeds thoroughly, because burying them in the loose dry soil is not very effective (unless they are buried quite deeply).
When the tide is low, terrestrial conditions can heat and desiccate organisms beyond their tolerances.
Referred to as ‘poison-winds,’ these northers could quickly desiccate crops and even kill small birds.
They offer very similar versions of desiccated managerialism: limited vision with qualified aspirations.
They dug up some new material, but he felt it was a desiccated way of approaching the subject.
Not so many years ago, I believed that when love was at stake, dignity was a failure of the heart - the booby prize for the old, whose imaginations rattled in the wind, desiccated of all passion.
A sprinkle of water helps protect the roots from desiccation .
This once-promising art district succumbs to vigorous development and its concomitant desiccative effect.
If there is to be a scientific Prometheus for our day, he must bring the fire of meaning into our various theoretical languages - languages that, in their current desiccated state, are like dry tinder eager for the blaze.