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deserve / заслуживать, быть достойным, стоить
deserve, earn, be worth
быть достойным
merit, deserve, live up to
cost, be worth, be, lose, count for, deserve
do something or have or show qualities worthy of (reward or punishment).
the referee deserves a pat on the back for his bravery
we didn't deserve to win
The car was very good and the team did a fantastic job and really deserve a win.
people who park like that deserve to be towed away
If you are to be placed in such a position, you deserve a fair hearing in court.
Irate shareholders wondered exactly what he had delivered to deserve such a reward.
No problem, she works hard and she deserves a little bit of quality time to relax.
There will always be debate about who deserves honours, all of it highly subjective.
This week, it is an honour to be able to praise someone who really deserves it.
A lot has been written and said about that game and deservedly so.
There were only seconds remaining in the half when Aberdeen deservedly equalised and again it was a first goal at his club for the scorer.