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deserter / дезертир, перебежчик, предавший свое дело
имя существительное
deserter, defector, fugitive, runaway, slacker, rat
defector, deserter, turncoat, renegade, renegado
предавший свое дело
имя существительное
a member of the armed forces who deserts.
deserters from the army
Peter, at first so quiet and unassuming, turns out to be an Army deserter .
‘We have arrested the culprits who include a deserter from the Army,’ says a forest official.
The Indian Army declared him a deserter when he did not return.
U.S. military records list him as an Army deserter .
Considered a deserter by the Red Army, he was convicted of treason.
He had become a deserter from the U.S. military - a crime punishable by prison, or even death.
Jean may be an army deserter , but he still maintains an air of heroism.
After 30 days of being AWOL a serviceman is considered a deserter , and a warrant is issued for his arrest.
There may be thousands of potential deserters fleeing the Army, and they're trying to hide the scandal.
Rather than finding the deserters , the army tends simply to write off the missing soldiers and dismiss them in their absence.