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desegregate / десегрегировать
end a policy of racial segregation in.
actions to desegregate schools
He was the first President to desegregate the U.S. Army, the military, and the first President to put forth the Civil Rights Act.
The protest forced the bus companies to desegregate the buses.
Thus, the Court sent the school desegregation cases back to the federal district courts with directions to desegregate the schools ‘with all deliberate speed.’
The remedy for the situation was not to enhance segregated facilities, but to desegregate the facilities.
actions to desegregate schools
The Massachusetts legislature outlawed racial segregation in 1855, but the battle to desegregate schools remained a daunting one for Blacks in many parts of the country, particularly the South.
Federal courts had to force states to desegregate their school systems and improve brutal prison conditions, for example.
One of the last cities in the country to desegregate its elementary schools, today it is almost 40% black and Hispanic.
actions to desegregate schools
Indeed, the 1955 instruction in the second judgment to desegregate the public schools with ‘all deliberate speed’ remains the classic example of non-compliance.