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desecrate / осквернять, оскорблять
defile, desecrate, profane, pollute, violate, contaminate
insult, offend, huff, abuse, revile, desecrate
treat (a sacred place or thing) with violent disrespect; violate.
more than 300 graves were desecrated
A multi-million dollar gold mine with an estimated yield of $1.2 billion threatens to desecrate a sacred site of the Wiradjuri people.
If we buried our dead in the sand, the wild animals would desecrate their memory and dishonor their body.
Well, it's hurtful to us that someone would desecrate her grave.
How dare you desecrate this holy ground with foolish intentions.
Yes, well that's to protect against intruders who want to desecrate this holy room.
But in relation to the new cemetery, I don't believe our youths would stoop so low as to desecrate the graves or vandalise the cemetery.
In April, over 40 graves were desecrated and headstone overturned.
Even its cemetery was desecrated , its 400 graves dug up.
Until then, we must depend on the statue desecrators to remind the nation about choices and consequences.
About 20 headstones were desecrated at the Church cemetery between Monday, February 2, and Friday, February 6.