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descriptor / дескриптор
handle, specifier
  • file descriptor - файловый дескриптор
имя существительное
an element or term that has the function of describing, identifying, or indexing, in particular.
The software is designed to identify an individual using 692 facial descriptors to capture and identify a face.
Too bad the adjective in the title is not an apt descriptor .
Since Linux stores the process descriptor and the kernel mode process stack in a single 8KB memory area, we can use this fact and avoid allocating memory for labeling the subjects.
"Slow burn " is an apt descriptor for this movie.
System calls also serve this generalization function across programming languages; e.g., the read system call will read data from a file descriptor .
The descriptor words themselves appeared one or more times within a particular obituary or across different obituaries.
The title is an apt descriptor of where the show's producers are located.
The use of the descriptor to steer the data into the transmit buffer or out of the receive buffer allows a simplified hardware implementation as compared to prior art methods that must examine and count the data as it is transferred.
In a captivating style, both scholarly and conversational, the author explores gender as identity, membership, descriptor , and label.
Method of scheduling interrupts to the linked lists of transfer descriptors scheduled at intervals on a serial bus
The following descriptors give an idea of the focus of these potential specialty assemblies.