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describe / описывать, охарактеризовать, характеризовать
describe, depict, report, declare, portray, circumscribe
characterize, describe
characterize, describe, distinguish, character, designate, mark
give an account in words of (someone or something), including all the relevant characteristics, qualities, or events.
the police said the man was described as white, 6 ft. tall, with mousy, cropped hair
mark out or draw (a geometric figure).
on the diameter of a circle an equilateral triangle is described
the instructions describe how to connect the computer
I wouldn't describe him as a fool
can you describe why you want to leave?
While writing she realised how few words we have to describe these experiences.
It is impossible for me to conjure up the words to adequately describe my own experiences.
he liked to describe himself as a bit of a ladies' man
describe a circle around the point O
There was only one word to describe his expression, every time I looked over at him.
a single light is seen to describe a circle
What most people discover is that they use the same words to describe both experiences.