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descent / спуск, происхождение, нисхождение
имя существительное
descent, down, downhill, escapement, launching, discharge
origin, descent, birth, genesis, background, lineage
descent, degression
имя существительное
an action of moving downward, dropping, or falling.
the plane had gone into a steep descent
the origin or background of a person in terms of family or nationality.
American families of Hungarian descent
a sudden, violent attack.
a descent on the enemy airstrip
Arthur's Pass is 920 metres above sea level, and there is a steep descent to Otira in the west.
They possessed significantly more knowledge of Irish politics and history than those claiming no Irish descent .
Gunter is careful to control the descent on this movement so he doesn't overstretch his shoulders.
From there, a steep descent drops to a high and rocky col, from where very rocky ground leads to the summit and some of the widest views I've seen for months.
Many others throughout the kingdom assert patrilineal descent from eponymous ancestors from ancient Arab tribes.
Sheep grazed the slopes above them; the descent to the shore ended in a farmyard.
Prior to the final touch down, the spacecraft shuts down the propulsion engine and enters into a free fall descent .
The descent is much steeper at only 20 km, with some fast bends at the top changing to tight hairpins at the bottom.
An estate is either ancestral or nonancestral; or, as this court says, there are two modes of acquiring title to property, one by descent or inheritance and the other by purchase or by the act or agreement of the parties.
People of African American descent often face challenges when they try to trace their ancestors.