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desalinate / опреснять, обессоливать
desalinate, desalt, distil, freshen, distill, demineralize
desalt, desalinate, demineralize
remove salt from (seawater).
Irrigation of the land with seawater desalinated by fusion power is ancient.
They agreed to use nuclear technology to desalinate seawater or the conversion of seawater into fresh water, salt and electricity in Madura.
If more countries could afford to desalinate sea water, for example, the problem would be solved.
One of these patents has revolutionized the way we can better desalinate sea water for human consumption.
As the worst drought in a decade leaves millions short of water, a handful of officials and scientists are pushing plans to use nuclear power to desalinate seawater for drinking.
Hopefully, the development of technology to desalinate water from the Mediterranean, will allow us to give more water back to the river itself.
Why, in all these years, have we not developed a way to desalinate our sea water, as, for example, they do in Dubai?
Reverse osmosis is best known for its use in desalination , the process of turning sea water into drinking water.
The facility's environmental features include solar powering, desalinating water tank, large windows for natural light, 'no-water' compost toilets and central breezeways to avoid the need for air conditioning.
The techniques have become more sophisticated, but distillation and filtering are still the primary methods of desalination for most of the world.
One possible application of electrodialysis is the desalination of water.