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derive / получать, извлекать, выводить
get, receive, obtain, gain, have, derive
extract, retrieve, derive, recover, benefit, withdraw
deduce, derive, conclude, show, remove, draw
obtain something from (a specified source).
they derived great comfort from this assurance
To give one example, should geological theories be factual or should they merely connect concepts that derive their meaning from the theory?
Recent years have seen considerable criticism and hostility regarding efforts of both courts and commentators to derive constitutional rights from sources other than explicit constitutional language.
Indeed, scientists who reject the evolutionary approach are free to derive hypotheses from whatever other sources they wish, including intuition, observation, or psychic cats.
Healthy rivers and lakes are vital not only because we derive our drinking water from these sources but they are also a means where we and our children pass the time through walks, fishing, swimming, canoeing etc.
This organization can derive its power from a number of sources, both economic and non-economic.
He worked on how to derive class number relations from modular equations.
Stem cells can be derived from sources other than embryos - from adult cells, from umbilical cords that are discarded after babies are born, from human placentas.
Since olestra is derived from fat molecules, it has similar chemical and physical properties.
But if justification can supervene on a belief's deriving from a reliable source, they have justified true belief.
If a legal question is not answered by standards deriving from legal sources then it lacks a legal answer-the law on such questions is unsettled.