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derisory / смехотворный, насмешливый, иронический
имя прилагательное
ridiculous, ludicrous, laughable, derisory, farcical, cockamamie
derisive, sneering, scornful, quizzical, scoffing, derisory
ironic, ironical, derisive, pawky, derisory
имя прилагательное
ridiculously small or inadequate.
they were given a derisory pay rise
Last year we received a derisory four per cent increase in the fees paid by the council.
Millions of savers have money in deposit accounts that pay derisory rates of interest.
Yet while some banks and building societies offer attractive interest to encourage junior customers to see the benefit of saving, others pay them a derisory rate.
We wanted to picket to raise awareness that we are not prepared to accept the derisory pay offer that has been imposed on us.
They were simply saying: ‘Look at how it looks to us, with what we already think to be derisory , inadequate penalties.’
There has been a pattern of derisory pay offers in recent months tied to productivity increases and attacks on conditions, particularly pension rights.
Many interest-bearing bank and savings accounts pay derisory interest of as little as 0.1% on deposits.
What does irritate me - as a UK taxpayer who helps to subsidise farmers in this country - is the fact that anyone employed part-time in the farming industry should be forced to work for such derisory rates of pay.
As any pensioner knows, though, money can be tight - especially when rocketing prices are coupled with a derisory 75p-a-week rise in the basic state pension.
Any money you do save will remain in accounts that pay derisory rates of interest.