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derisive / насмешливый, иронический, смехотворный
имя прилагательное
derisive, sneering, scornful, quizzical, scoffing, satirical
ironic, ironical, derisive, pawky, derisory
ridiculous, ludicrous, laughable, derisory, farcical, derisive
имя прилагательное
expressing contempt or ridicule.
a harsh, derisive laugh
They were candidly surprised by how well it all turned out and my office no longer elicits derisive or doubting commentary.
But the most derisive comments of all were reserved for my arguments about the moral and legal restraints on the early colonists.
If all goes well next weekend, his reign might end not with a bang but a derisive laugh.
For better or worse, the current tone is skeptical, derisive and gross.
Even raising the issue draws derisive and dismissive responses.
He was abusive, debauched, arrogant, derisive , intolerant, and possibly the loneliest man who ever lived.
This is probably where the derisive humor begins it's arc.
Their methods are always very slick and their message is always consistent and it's always delivered with the requisite derisive tone.
You can add our derisive noises to the swelling chorus.
He gave a short, derisive laugh, but the gleam in his eyes was bitter.