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derision / высмеивание, осмеяние, посмешище
имя существительное
derision, jest, ribbing
mockery, ridicule, derision, mocking, mock, jesting
mockery, laughing-stock, joke, derision, mock, jest
имя существительное
contemptuous ridicule or mockery.
my stories were greeted with derision and disbelief
As to the text, I fear the reader's snorts of derision will begin early on.
Several journalists began first to sniff, then to snort and finally to chuckle their derision .
It was the supreme anthem of renunciation, of scorn, of derision at the pretensions of the ungifted and the insensitive.
Anything less than a win will be greeted with howls of derision by a public who have grown sick of the culture of rugby mediocrity.
It was greeted with derision - there is really no other word for it - around the country.
The name itself connotes derision and contempt for the inhabitants of the compound.
He thought he heard a snort of derision from Sean but he had the attention of the rest of them.
He presented this idea in a talk to the London Chemical Society in 1866, only to be greeted with derision .
Much derision has greeted the claim by some of those in the photographs that they were inadequately trained.
I, among others, have responded to these suggestions with scorn and derision .