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dereliction / упущение, нарушение долга, отступление моря от берега
имя существительное
omission, lapse, flaw, overlook, dereliction, default
нарушение долга
dereliction of duty, dereliction, defection
отступление моря от берега
имя существительное
the state of having been abandoned and become dilapidated.
every year valuable gardens start the slow slide to dereliction
Following a lengthy period of dereliction it has now developed into a most attractive street once again.
The scheme was designed to enhance the core areas of smaller towns and villages by eliminating dereliction but flaws in the scheme have resulted in nothing happening.
a gross dereliction of duty by the Secretary of State
Litter on our streets, anti-social behaviour, dereliction - we all know what is wrong with our town.
When it closed the canal was seen as a dirty, decaying relic of an industrial past, and it sank into decay and dereliction .
Whatever the refurbishment cost the building cannot, must not, become another infamous centre of dereliction .
Everyone in the village contributed what they could to save their church from dereliction .
At first he was turned down - the Commission said no-one would want to come to such a scene of industrial dereliction .
Why do we need more retail developments when there are so many properties in the town centre which are empty and have been allowed to fall into a state of neglect and dereliction ?
The scheme will help to address the increasing problems of dereliction and neglect in many rural towns because of rising levels of migration away from rural town areas.