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derelict / покинутый, оставленный, брошенный
имя прилагательное
abandoned, deserted, forsaken, derelict, lovelorn, desolate
abandoned, derelict, desert, waste
abandoned, slung, derelict, forsaken, outcast
имя существительное
outlaw, derelict
homeless, derelict
pariah, castaway, castoff, outlaw, derelict, offcast
имя прилагательное
in a very poor condition as a result of disuse and neglect.
the cities were derelict and dying
имя существительное
a person without a home, job, or property.
derelicts who could fit all their possessions in a paper bag
Diaz maneuvered the tug underneath the cruiser and traversed the length until they were ahead of the derelict .
Ultimately, Billy is said to have become a derelict , presumably because he was unable to work in the cattle industry again.
The aim is to bring scruffy, disused areas of land - including a disused tip, a former power station and a derelict canal - back into community use.
Society, it transpires, hasn't turned him into a derelict , he's managed that all by himself.
However it remained unoccupied for a number of years and had fallen into a derelict state.
A call has been made to officials of the Town Council to take action against the owners of five houses which are in a derelict condition.
What other cause finds you derelict in your responsibilities to your own people?
Further, any judge who allows a conviction to stand when it's evident the defendant did not commit a crime is derelict in his duty.
Residents fed up with youths hanging around the streets, derelict shops and a general sense of neglect have taken their future into their own hands.
The majority of them were bought either in completely derelict condition, or as a collection of rusty parts.