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deregulate / разрегулировать
remove regulations or restrictions from.
a law that would deregulate cable TV prices
After a state passes a law to deregulate the electric industry, the regulatory commission steps in to create the rules.
And in response to Government proposals to deregulate the gaming industry it welcomes plans to increase the age limit on certain forms of gambling.
Some reformers argue that the city should go further and completely deregulate the market, allowing anyone with a car to pick up passengers.
a law that would deregulate cable TV prices
On the one hand, we can further deregulate the labour market by allowing employees to opt out of entitlement regulations.
In the late 1990s, the industry was abuzz with plans to deregulate the markets and break up public monopolies.
While the province says it has no intention of reversing its decision to deregulate the electricity industry, it is taking public input.
In 1997 the petroleum products industry was deregulated to increase competition and benefits to customers.
It has been almost 20 years since the airline industry was deregulated in Canada.
Without these deregulations , many individuals will be discouraged from pursuing post-secondary education, as the high cost will be prohibitive.