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deranged / ненормальный, сумасшедший, душевнобольной
имя прилагательное
abnormal, insane, deranged, anomalous, mental, certifiable
crazy, madman, mad, lunatic, crazed, deranged
insane, of unsound mind, deranged, mad
имя прилагательное
mad; insane.
a deranged gunman
cause (someone) to become insane.
that business last month must have deranged him a bit
I probably looked like a deranged traveler obsessed with authority figures.
This is to stick in your mouth to stop you from screaming like a deranged fan.
Bad karma is stalking me like a deranged fan.
A deranged old lady with totally messed up hair walked around shouting at everybody else.
Police officials said that the youth appeared to be mentally deranged or spiritually overridden.
The death cult strikes again, unstoppable in its deranged religious mania.
A deranged cat poisoner is suspected of spreading terror among pet lovers in Bridgwater, Somerset, in the west of England.
I keep trying to imagine how I'll bring it up to the doctor without a deranged look in my eye.
These are all written by the same potentially deranged person.
The Sunday Washington Post's Book World section carries an incredibly sane review of a hilariously deranged book on obesity.