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deputy / заместитель, депутат, представитель
имя существительное
deputy, vice, alternate, substitute, proxy, surrogate
representative, spokesman, member, agent, delegate, deputy
имя существительное
a person whose immediate superior is a senior figure within an organization and who is empowered to act as a substitute for this superior.
Tomorrow I hand over the Principal Clerk's duties to my deputy .
The National Railway Museum has appointed a new deputy head with a strong background in serving York's heritage.
He served as deputy assistant attorney general in the Antitrust Division.
Lancashire's fire service has appointed a new deputy chief fire officer.
The Commissioner is assisted by a deputy commissioner and a number of directors and professional advisers.
Since his health was poor, moreover, he appointed a deputy to perform most of the routine presidential duties.
The deputy superintendent urged all road users to comply with the laws in the interests of road safety.
Tomorrow I hand over the Principal Clerk's duties to my deputy .
Last week he was appointed interim deputy leader of the party during the leadership race.
He was later promoted brigadier, and made a deputy director of military intelligence.
The Government suspended 18 policemen, including two deputy commissioners of police, and two excise department officials.