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deputize / замещать, представлять, назначать депутатом
replace, substitute, surrogate, override, displace, deputize
represent, present, introduce, furnish, perform, deputize
назначать депутатом
make (someone) a deputy.
some officers will be deputized as federal marshals
Gather up and deputize anyone who can wield a sword or owns a gun.
The mayor is now asking officials to deputize state police.
the post-holder is required to deputize for the manager in their absence
The Department of Homeland Security will train 50 state police officers and deputize them to enforce federal immigration laws.
I'm now giving you full rights to deputize anyone that you feel fit enough to help you in whatever way they can.
With orders from the council I can deputize anyone I choose during an emergency situation.
Next year, when new players will have to be signed to deputise for those away on World Cup duty, they could be on short-term contracts or even ‘pay as you go.’
If a justice required or requested a bodyguard, they were either provided with a federal marshal or a member of the Supreme Court Police was temporarily deputized as a marshal.
Adrian will also deputise for Helen in her absence and will also lead on key major editorial projects, assigned by the Director of News.
I grabbed the nearest three people I could find and deputised them into my department.