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depute / передавать полномочия, делегировать, назначать представителем
передавать полномочия
delegate, depute
delegate, depute
назначать представителем
appoint or instruct (someone) to perform a task for which one is responsible.
she had been deputed to look after him while Clarissa was away
Did the master's mate further depute the job to a young seaman whom he knew to be literate?
I begged him to publish his discovery, but he preferred to depute the task to me.
All that the parents have to do is approach the organizers, who depute an experienced person to act as the ‘manager’ for the party.
Efforts should also be made to identify properly the agencies that depute the nurses.
"I shall depute the task to a worthy fellow named Willis, in whom I shall have every confidence."
The commissioner said he would ask the government to depute an officer to guide the horticulture department.
a depute chairman
So a simple mode to acquire around this is to depute the task to somebody who is skilled in it.
I have never wanted to depute the work to someone else as long as I was on the place myself.
He is an effective focal point for the band of eight men who are deputed to find and rescue the Private after his three brothers have been killed in combat.