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depth / глубина, высота, толщина
имя существительное
depth, deep, profound, intensity, deepness, profoundness
height, altitude, elevation, depth, pitch, level
thickness, depth, gauge, gage, fatness
имя существительное
the distance from the top or surface of something to its bottom.
shallow water of no more than 12 feet in depth
complexity and profundity of thought.
the book has unexpected depth
a point far below the surface.
he lifted the manhole cover and peered into the depths beneath
the strength of a team in its reserve of substitute players.
they have so much depth that they could afford the luxury of breaking in their players slowly
The aggressive style of play makes the most of the team's depth , which includes 10 players in the rotation.
With so many majestic shots and brilliant cinematography, I wanted more depth and dimensionality from the transfer.
He thought he swam about one hundred yards before testing the river's depth again, this time with better result.
There are two more bedrooms on the second floor, one of which runs the depth of the house from front to rear and has a bird's eye view of the river and the city.
Saul reported that based on the mollusks, the maximum water depth of the sandstone was 35 meters.
The depth of colour is determined by the temperature and length of time the skins are allowed to macerate, and this is up to the winemaker.
The guitar and bass gave the sound real mod attitude, while the backing vocals added as much soul as the keyboards offered depth and quality to the experience.
As a result, one is free to contemplate the pure painterly richness and depth of each work.
However, as dark films go, this one lacked the depth of despair and pathos usually achieved.
The depth of colour was greater with increasing supply of iron.