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deprived / лишенный собственности, заброшенный
имя прилагательное
лишенный собственности
abandoned, neglected, deserted, desolate, forlorn, deprived
имя прилагательное
suffering a severe and damaging lack of basic material and cultural benefits.
the charity cares for destitute and deprived children
deny (a person or place) the possession or use of something.
the city was deprived of its water supplies
She was neither a child of the ghetto nor a culturally or educationally deprived person.
The increase in the number of medical students will open the door to a medical career for students from deprived or culturally diverse communities.
There's a pattern that some parents exhibit with their children when they themselves have had an emotionally deprived childhood.
I'm severely sleep deprived , I feel like I'm coming down with a cold, life is getting on top of me.
There must be care for those who are socially deprived .
She condemned the police tactics, as well as the deprived conditions and lack of opportunities for young people in the area.
Cross stitching is the artfully deprived persons way of making beautiful pictures.
People in the countryside as well as the deprived sections in the urban areas are crying for basic facilities.
Smokers in deprived areas perceive a lack of support to help them to stop smoking.
The sexually deprived people showed a great many more side-effects of all kinds than did the non-deprived people.