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depressive / депрессивный, упадочный, гнетущий
имя прилагательное
depressive, decadent, effete
depressing, oppressive, dismal, depressive, oppressing, sullen
имя существительное
a person suffering from or with a tendency to suffer from depression.
Melancholic depressives may also ruminate over the same thoughts and experiences, and feel excessive guilt.
имя прилагательное
causing feelings of hopelessness, despondency, and dejection.
However, persistent severe depressive moods are not part of the ‘normal’ spectrum of behaviour.
I have been credited with the accolade of the most compulsively depressive blog and that is not without reason.
The results are still being analysed but researchers say care home residents are enjoying life more and suffering less depressive illness.
It wasn't a superior put down, or depressive lament.
The drug appeared to have no observable depressive effect on respiratory rate.
The depressive group are sitting quietly after ten minutes, the happy group are all chatting, but both groups deny they've been influenced by statements.
Eventually he moved away from the melancholic, depressive themes towards authentic descriptions of villagers and country life.
The best punk rock, or whatever, always comes from the most depressive governments.
These essential fatty acids have a depressive effect on inflammatory cytokines, thus stopping the domino nature of the inflammatory response.
I pushed myself to attend two hours of scriptwriting and rather than delve deeper into depressive moods, I just walked out of class and back home.
However, elderly patients are the main group suffering seriously from depressive illnesses.