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depressing / гнетущий, унылый, тягостный
имя прилагательное
depressing, oppressive, dismal, depressive, oppressing, sullen
sad, dull, bleak, dismal, despondent, depressing
painful, burdensome, onerous, oppressive, depressing
имя прилагательное
causing or resulting in a feeling of miserable dejection.
that thought is too depressing for words
make (someone) feel utterly dispirited or dejected.
that first day at school depressed me
push or pull (something) down into a lower position.
depress the lever
We were in the middle of the dark, depressing island winter, you got up in the dark and returned from work in the dark for months on end.
I find it depressing
Higher interest rates, and the threat of further rises, have had a depressing effect on the market.
It was almost as if the pair of eyes were telling him a story, a depressing story where no words were needed to be said nor heard.
That feeling of dejection could be very depressing for a child if he is not able to establish a relationship he wants.
This had a thoroughly depressing impact on the world economy.
Letters from my family are sort of depressing , though sometimes my cousins write a few words that makes me laugh.
An increase in the interest rate or the appreciation of the dollar had a depressing effect on agriculture.
It is easy to see why a fall in interest rates has a magnified effect in Anglo-American economies, and when rates are rising there is a significant depressing effect.
Why couldn't he leave me to my miserable depressing , but completely productive thoughts?