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depressed / подавленный, угнетенный, сниженный
имя прилагательное
depressed, repressed, subdued, crushed, despondent, melancholy
depressed, downtrodden
reduced, discounted, lowered, cut, depressed, abated
имя прилагательное
(of a person) in a state of general unhappiness or despondency.
I mean, to say they were depressed or despondent is too light.
make (someone) feel utterly dispirited or dejected.
that first day at school depressed me
push or pull (something) down into a lower position.
depress the lever
Several applications of this self - schema model to a clinical context with depressed individuals are then highlighted.
Fifteen years ago, this was an economically and environmentally depressed city.
Children of depressed moms also had double the anxiety disorders.
I mean, to say they were depressed or despondent is too light.
I was very depressed when I saw it break on the news.
The high proportion of new cars on the road and the uncertainty over foot-and-mouth disease have depressed activity in the used car market, dealers said.
He was depressed , despondent, and in total despair.
The lamps screw onto the stands with a sprung depressed lever making them very secure and quick and easy to setup and pack away.
Now, a once prosperous town is economically depressed , unemployment has skyrocketed, and nobody can afford health insurance anymore.
Indeed, the downside to public spending cutbacks is depressed demand and job losses as well as reduced public services and continued inadequate infrastructure.