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depress / подавлять, нажимать, угнетать
suppress, repress, inhibit, put down, overwhelm, depress
press, push, depress, screw, cinch
oppress, grind, depress, weigh down, damp, deject
make (someone) feel utterly dispirited or dejected.
that first day at school depressed me
push or pull (something) down into a lower position.
depress the lever
Against that, the higher taxes needed to pay back all that debt are going to depress the economy.
Integral with the map is the audio component that allows a visitor to locate, select, and depress buttons that activate voice descriptions of specific areas of the building or exhibit.
Chemotherapy will only depress her immune system further.
Inflationary policies conducted for long periods of time not only foster the growth of government but also depress economic activity.
To fold simply push the sight down, depress the button, and lock the sight into place.
Alcohol itself is a depressant, therefore combining it with a barbiturate can depress the nervous system to such an extent that it ceases functioning altogether.
Studies show sedative herbs gently depress the central nervous system, thus calming you and inducing sleep.
As the slide is pulled to the rear, depress the ejector at the right rear of the frame.
To use the extinguisher, you pull out the safety pin and depress the operating lever.
Your thumb will depress the magazine release lever as you grasp the magazine.