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depredation / грабеж, расхищение, опустошение
имя существительное
robbery, looting, plunder, pillage, plundering, depredation
depredation, despoilment, despoliation
devastation, havoc, desolation, depletion, ravage, depredation
имя существительное
an act of attacking or plundering.
protecting grain from the depredations of rats and mice
Always, always in war there were too few of heroic stature, to counter the depredations of tyrants and monsters.
What are we going to do to defend ourselves from illegal civil liberties depredations ?
The insurrectionists that we have oft complained of late have grown more bold in their depredations , attacking ever nearer to our palace.
Forget the background of the two, forget their previous depredations and concentrate only on the trial and its end result.
The gangs are reported to have used racial taunts during their depredations .
Remember how, in response to the depredations of bandits, the villagers hired as protectors seven itinerant warriors.
The otter is supposed to have been in the district for some time, for depredations that are now being laid to his charge have been going on for some considerable period.
Despite protective laws and natural - park status, the depredations continued.
Into this special domain went winter coats and wool items to be protected against the depredations of moths, silver fish, and their ilk.
Not all things disappear with dramatic suddenness and it might be decades before the various depredations to which wild life is exposed begin to have a noticeable effect.