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depravity / порочность, развращенность, испорченность
имя существительное
depravity, perversity, viciousness, turpitude, deformity, perverseness
depravity, debauchery, depravation, turpitude, lubricity, salacity
corruption, depravity, rottenness, naughtiness, taint, foulness
имя существительное
moral corruption; wickedness.
a tale of wickedness and depravity
Yet, his department wants to make a statement about what he must see as moral depravity .
The author, opposing any doctrine of natural depravity , argued that all children are born ‘innocent,’ that is, equally capable of vice or virtue.
Who knows where this morally outrageous depravity might lead?
Kevin looked at the depravity by the doorway and nodded silently.
No one, regardless of their moral depravity, should be denied medical care, but neither should moral depravity be condoned and tolerated.
The author traces the child protection movement to a time when child abuse was seen as a depravity of the immigrant poor.
It seems as if his party simply won't stop at any depravity .
If people wish to wallow in a cesspool of moral depravity , then they can visit a theatre and ogle the kind of actors that perform such plays.
He incessantly denounced the moral depravity of leading politicians.
However, he rapidly descended into delightfully funny self-deprecating rants, characterised by frequent bouts of moral depravity .