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deprave / развращать, портить, ухудшать
corrupt, deprave, pervert, defile, debauch, pollute
spoil, deteriorate, corrupt, ruin, mar, deprave
deteriorate, worsen, impair, aggravate, make worse, deprave
make (someone) immoral or wicked.
this book would deprave and corrupt young children
The law, whose stated purpose was to suppress pornography while protecting literature, retained more or less the previous definition of obscenity, as that which, taken as a whole, tended to corrupt and deprave .
this book would deprave and corrupt young children
He took an aesthete's view that some of the writing in the issue was ‘indecent in the sense of offending against delicacy’ but ‘would not deprave or corrupt save in point of literary style’.
The colonies absorbed and put into legislative form the common law test of obscenity under which material having a tendency to deprave and corrupt was suppressed.
this book would deprave and corrupt young children
The old phrase in English law defining obscene publications was ‘material likely to deprave and corrupt.’
Pornography is sometimes defined in court as material that tends to deprave and corrupt.
The Legislature can hardly have contemplated that a book which tended to corrupt and deprave the average reader or majority of those likely to read it could be justified as being for the public good on any ground.
That's what liberals in the US said, so they formulated policies that were kind and good, and certainly not ones that were designed to corrupt and deprave .
On the contrary, Britain has advanced by leaps and bounds since the days when Lady Chatterley's Lover was banned because it might, in the judge's view, deprave and corrupt one's servants.