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depot / депо, склад, хранилище
имя существительное
depot, shed
storage, store, storehouse, depot, repository, cast
storage, repository, depository, reservoir, depot, deposit
имя прилагательное
spare, reserve, emergency, standby, auxiliary, depot
имя существительное
a place for the storage of large quantities of equipment, food, or some other commodity.
an arms depot
There was also a bomb attack on a house and a taxi depot was burned out in the city.
The adjacent building is occupied by one of his operations and houses a truck-servicing depot and a roadworthy centre.
Well, the depot 's still there, but the houses around it have long since ceased to be for the exclusive use of railway workers.
Michael was a captain in the army general training depot in the 1950s.
A connecting track actually runs through the army depot .
The plan included renovating the train depot a couple of blocks from the tower.
Company soldiers travelled for more than five hours from their depot to compete in the competition.
Based in Chicago, he was employed as a night watchman in a cold storage depot , being supplied with a gun.
The badge dates back to 1918 when King George V visited the depot of the Royal Marines in Kent.
This would usually happen within days of arrival at the training depot .