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deposit / депозит, залог, месторождение
имя существительное
deposit, deposit account
pledge, deposit, guarantee, bail, security, lien
field, deposit, occurrence
precipitate, settle, deposit, sediment
сдавать на хранение
deposit, register
имя существительное
a sum of money placed or kept in a bank account, usually to gain interest.
Any money market accounts, certificates of deposits , bank bonds, Treasuries, and savings are assets.
a sum payable as a first installment on the purchase of something or as a pledge for a contract, the balance being payable later.
we've saved enough for a deposit on a house
a layer or body of accumulated matter.
the deposits of salt on the chrome
put or set down (something or someone) in a specific place, typically unceremoniously.
he deposited a pile of schoolbooks on the kitchen table
store or entrust with someone for safekeeping.
He also suggested that to prevent such a theft we should have deposited the helmets with him for safekeeping.
There are only a small number of tickets left so to avoid disappointment book your place with any committee member and pay your deposit as soon as possible.
I then carefully drove it home and took it to the lawyers, where I handed it over as the security deposit on my house.
The beautiful thing is that when they decide to move on, they can keep the damage deposit .
As a landlord you can refuse to return their deposit if they have caused damage beyond normal wear and tear.
The amount charged was recorded as a deposit on an invoice.
Disposal will include, but not be confined to, any of the processes of removal, transport and deposit .
He is still finding it hard to get a damage deposit together and notes that even if he had the money, many landlords don't want to rent from someone whose current address is a shelter.
It helped pay the deposit on our house when securing the mortgage.
To weather these delays, framers not only should have enough cash in reserve, but also should require an up-front deposit to cover initial costs.
Just try to make a cash deposit to your bank account.