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depose / смещать, свергать, утверждать
displace, remove, depose, dislodge, dislocate, translocate
depose, overthrow, dethrone, overturn, subvert, cast down
claim, affirm, say, assert, maintain, depose
remove from office suddenly and forcefully.
he had been deposed by a military coup
testify to or give (evidence) on oath, typically in a written statement.
every affidavit shall state which of the facts deposed to are within the deponent's knowledge
question (a witness) in deposition.
He calmly walked 60 feet toward a glass-walled conference room where lawyers were deposing a witness in a labor dispute.
He never looked at the crime scene photos, failed to depose state witnesses, claimed never to have seen a witness list and failed to object when the prosecution struck four qualified jurors.
The Foreign Office was warned of a plot to depose the leader of an oil-rich country weeks before the coup attempt happened.
The third witness would depose on March 31, prosecution sources said.
His court-appointed attorney never questioned him about the events leading to his arrest and the attorney was denied funds to depose witnesses and do ballistics tests.
He is now facing pressure of his own, with a wave of strikes by university students and transportation unions leading to rumours that the military was planning to depose him.
Under the proposed resolution, failure to comply with this deadline would justify the use of force to depose him.
A final reason was to reinstate an elected government illegally deposed by force.
The first minister can only be deposed if a majority of nationalists support unionists in removing him.
He was deposed after demonstrators stormed his office more than a week ago.
The polls this time, he said, were ‘the first firm step toward deposing the ruling parties.’