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depopulate / сокращаться, истреблять население, уменьшать население
shrink, contract, shorten, dwindle, depopulate, close in
истреблять население
уменьшать население
substantially reduce the population of (an area).
the disease could depopulate a city the size of New Haven
About 4,000 villages have been burnt and razed to the ground in an attempt to depopulate the area.
When one examines the trend to declining populations in coastal communities it would appear that government has taken the position that they want to depopulate communities and relocate citizens to major urban areas.
Perhaps this explains the empty streets of Tokyo in the film: the script is obligated to depopulate the city rather than confront the implications of the story.
the disease could depopulate a town the size of Bournemouth
the disease could depopulate a city the size of New Haven
The cheap labor they would provide in towns and cities would stimulate manufacturing, and the now depopulated countryside could be used for more profitable cattle farming…
I think they are still panicking and trying to gain some sense of control by depopulating the city.
She attributes a major depopulating role to venereal diseases, especially gonorrhoea, which makes women infertile.
In the United States, for example, huge, formerly ecologically significant areas such as Florida and the Rocky Mountains would be depopulated and restored to a natural state.
It seems that the Amazon was not in pristine condition before the arrival of the Europeans, and much of the recent cutting back of the forest has actually been removing vegetation that had regrown following the depopulation of the land.