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deploy / развертывание
имя существительное
deployment, deploy, development, evolution, discovery, explication
deploy, develop, unfold, evolve, unwrap, spread
use, apply, employ, practice, deploy, introduce
deploy, develop, unfold, evolve, spread, unroll
move (troops) into position for military action.
forces were deployed at strategic locations
small states can often deploy resources more freely
Ministers fear fuel supplies are on the verge of widespread disruption and have drawn up plans to deploy troops to guard refineries and introduce petrol rationing.
On Wednesday evening we will deploy our own army to their posts.
We have got the national labs working now looking up the whole supply chain to find out how best we can deploy our resources when it comes to port security.
the air force began to deploy forward
the air force began to deploy forward
A signaller calls the chopper in as troops deploy to provide support and resupply to a force in contact.
A brigade can deploy and fight autonomously today only by improvising in some way the support it requires.
The team performed their aerial display, then broke off to deploy their parachutes and land back at the airfield, in front of a crowd of around 70 people.
If she can deploy her record-breaking resources to maximum effect, this will ensure the next inspectorate report makes for happier reading.