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deplorable / печальный, прискорбный, плачевный
имя прилагательное
sad, sorrowful, mournful, deplorable, dismal, tragic
deplorable, regrettable, grievous, lamentable, tragic, sorrowful
deplorable, lamentable, sorrowful
bad, nasty, foul, poor, ugly, deplorable
имя прилагательное
deserving strong condemnation.
the deplorable conditions in which most prisoners are held
Such an unthinkable and deplorable situation would affect every aspect of potential business and the quality of life for the future generations in Swindon.
That does not seem possible, however, when our roads are in such deplorable condition, food prices are so high and the crime rate is rising daily.
The condition of English prisons was deplorable ; males and females could be and were crowded into cells together.
The authorities should also work to alleviate the deplorable condition of roads to ensure safety.
The conditions inside the building are deplorable , terrible, disgusting.
Not to say that Russell isn't right when he laments the deplorable state of modern culture.
They fail to realize that elderly people, when reduced to a deplorable state of solitude, have all the more need for someone to talk to and interact with.
We have received a complaint from some tourists about a bear being mistreated and kept in deplorable conditions in a snake farm in Pattaya.
These deplorable conditions existed in military prisons of both sides.
I write on behalf of a number of Joseph Rowntree pupils - all of whom have received deplorable service from the bus service over recent weeks.