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deplete / истощать, исчерпывать, обескровливать
deplete, exhaust, run down, wear out, debilitate, attenuate
exhaust, deplete
deplete, dilute
use up the supply or resources of.
fish stocks are severely depleted
Soils that remain saturated deplete soil oxygen and reduce or prevent root growth, resulting in overall plant decline.
Britain, for example, is likely to become a net exporter of gas in the next two years as its North Sea supplies deplete at a time when demand is rising.
Harvesting can severely deplete wild populations that are already hampered by restricted ranges, harsh environments and low levels of seed production.
Moss adds that chemotherapy and radiation deplete antioxidants so severely that it's necessary to take supplements to maintain normal levels.
Menopause, when the estrogen supply becomes depleted , is the time that many women begin to experience a dramatic decrease in bone mass.
Staff shortages depleted an Epsom fire crew on Sunday as officers rescued a couple from a blaze without assistance from an extra appliance.
But since the move itself severely depleted my bank account, I'll be acquiring those things bit by bit as my budget allows.
Do oil deposits get depleted too fast as oil countries try to maximize their oil earnings?
About every 15 years the nearby supplies of wild game and firewood would become depleted , and the farmed soil would become exhausted.
Responding to major depletions of marine fish populations and other wildlife killed in the process of fishing, marine conservation groups became a force in national and international environmental policy.