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deplane / высаживать из самолета, высаживаться из самолета
высаживать из самолета
высаживаться из самолета
disembark from an aircraft.
we landed and deplaned
He went off with the ground crew while the rest of us were waiting to deplane .
Hundreds of passengers already on planes waiting for takeoff were obliged to deplane .
We spent about 30 hours in transit, adding in all the time to process at Fort Campbell, stage for our flight, actually fly, refuel the plane, and deplane here in Kuwait.
Odds are your suitcases will greet you when you deplane , but those odds lengthen when applied to more unorthodox baggage, which surely will come under careful inspection.
There weren't enough ramp workers, so we had to wait for them to get someone to bring the jet way up in order for all of us to deplane .
It now requires all aircraft operators who enplane or deplane passengers into a sterile area at a Part 107 airport to conduct screening before departure.
We soon expect to see the candidate deplane , head down those steps, get into the motorcade, zoom down to vote.
In fact, the authors write in their preface, ‘Our objective was to write a book that you could pick up in the airport, read during a couple hours' flight, and deplane at a new mental as well as physical destination.’
Passengers wishing to refresh themselves or use the facilities may deplane at this time.
His eagle frontlet is the first aspect of Native culture to greet airline passengers deplaning in Ketchikan.