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depict / изображать, описывать, рисовать
depict, portray, represent, paint, describe, image
describe, depict, report, declare, portray, circumscribe
draw, depict, design, pencil, depicture, feature
show or represent by a drawing, painting, or other art form.
The four-metre wide painting depicts a typical Lowry scene of Victorian life in a northern cotton town.
The earliest known painting to depict a Shakespearean scene is being bought by the National Trust, it was announced today.
The paintings depict scenes from Hindu mythology and the colours would never fade.
She was in and out of hospital for the rest of her life and her paintings often depict her suffering.
Her paintings depict the rugged beauty of Inishmurray and the medium she uses is watercolour.
The words depict Rose as an art model from the Bronx transported to Greenwich Village.
Paintings of Timothy Thilakumar depict his deep attachment for flowers and woods.
Words fail to depict the pain and suffering of that memory.
His mould paintings depicted a range of subjects including a ballerina, the house he lived in and a guardsman.
Yet he implored that the Indian Empire should not be depicted as an exclusive commercial concern.
Factory workers are depicted as work-shy and devious, company directors as unscrupulous.