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dependency / зависимость, иждивение, зависимая страна
имя существительное
dependence, dependency, relation, bondage, dependability, subjection
dependency, being dependent
зависимая страна
dependency, non-independent country
имя существительное
a dependent or subordinate thing, especially a country or province controlled by another.
At one time sovereign states could control foreign populated territory as colonial dependencies .
the country's dependency on the oil industry
There is evidence of bonding between mother and calf; dependency on mother may last up to two years.
To discourage dependency on the food bank, the re-registration form is more detailed.
For some time the empire's dependency on internal resources did not matter much.
A player's dependency on meeting the right manager at the right time begins at an early age.
The pollen count in the Midlands has very little dependency on the direction the winds are coming from.
Ultimately, we need to accept ourselves and our experiences in life in order to avoid any dependency on drugs.
Recycling and waste reduction are critically important as we try to cut our dependency on landfill sites.
Plato hypothesized that dependency on writing as an external memory store would be detrimental to memory.
I have to say that I am not impressed by this level of dependency on parents by their grown-up children.
We wonder why governments are so reluctant to reduce harmful emissions caused by our dependency on fossil fuels.