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dependant / зависимый, зависящий, подчиненный
имя прилагательное
dependent, subject, adjective, dependant, non-independent
dependent, contingent, dependant
subordinate, subject, inferior, under, subdued, dependent
имя существительное
dependent, encumbrance, dependant
subordinate, inferior, sub, secondary, dependent, junior
employee, servant, official, officer, employe, dependent
имя прилагательное
contingent on or determined by.
the various benefits will be dependent on length of service
requiring someone or something for financial, emotional, or other support.
an economy heavily dependent on oil exports
имя существительное
a person who relies on another, especially a family member, for financial support.
a single man with no dependents
An asylum seeker with insulin dependent diabetes has recently had her claim for asylum rejected.
The parties supporting her are wholly dependent on her nod for their survival.
Bureaucracies might be viewed in terms of major periods, such as neoliberalism, and world-systemic relations, such as dependently developing states.
The organization's success, in fact its very survival, over the long term is dependent on ethical leadership.
And for a country so dependent on exports, we're vulnerable if we don't at least try to understand other languages and cultures.
Today's cellular telephone systems are mainly circuit-switched, with connections always dependent on circuit availability.
Esteemed as an independent thinker and artist, she was a woman profoundly dependent on the financial and emotional support and approval of others, mostly men.
Past collaborative efforts have not been successful because teacher-education units have chosen to work dependently rather than interdependently on matters such as recruitment.
Major pancreatic resection invariably results in the development of insulin dependent diabetes.
It showed the vulnerability of many member countries that are dangerously dependent on one supplier.