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dependable / надежный, заслуживающий доверия
имя прилагательное
reliable, secure, safe, solid, sound, dependable
заслуживающий доверия
credible, trustworthy, reliable, dependable, faithful
имя прилагательное
trustworthy and reliable.
Growth tends to be mundane with the main attraction being dependable cash flows and reliable dividend payments.
In the absence of a dependable power supply system, they must explore all other avenues to beat the heat.
The party is seeking to portray itself as a stable, dependable and scandal-free government.
Then there are the long years in the Far East with his dependable wife Betty, and his cathartic reaction to her sudden death.
To be replicated successfully, a dependable system of verifying carbon reduction has to be in place.
American studios can make big-scale films because they have a dependable audience for domestic films.
Every community in Nunavut lacks a dependable water supply for dousing fires.
Pierre was the head of all the servants and he was a very reliable and dependable man.
To me they embody two Frances: the dynamic private sector and the dependable public sector.
The dependable talents of director Tony Cownie are being put to good use in the Lyceum's first production of the new season.
Should you manage to graduate, you may well find that a degree holds out no guarantee of fulfilling or dependable employment.