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departure / отъезд, выезд, уход
имя существительное
departure, leaving, leave, going, parting, outgo
departure, exit, equipage, turnout, rig
care, leave, leaving, departure, maintenance, treatment
имя прилагательное
original, initial, parent, departure, opening
имя существительное
the action of leaving, typically to start a journey.
the day of departure
After the hasty departure of the two members of the Special Branch, we heard nothing from Scotland Yard for almost two days.
a departure from their usual style
When the original hall was built, it was itself a departure from the medieval style of mansion and was the first manor house in the county made of brick and stone.
The trip was slow because we had to wait for the real departure .
The departure lounge at Kirkwall was packed with enough local worthies to fill a jumbo jet.
the day of departure
About 30 minutes later I questioned my hasty departure and returned to check out the price.
the album is not a radical departure from the band's previous work
This is a departure from last year's event which was only open to business people under the age of thirty-five.
she made a hasty departure