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departmentalize / departmentalize
divide (an organization or its work) into departments.
We can try to departmentalize our lives, but it's impossible.
We can try to departmentalize our lives, but it's impossible.
Her goal in her writing, says Bandele, is to not departmentalize life into the good and the ugly, but to show all of life and its complexities - ‘what it means to be human.’
He was the elected deputy in the years 1932-1946 - the last year of his service being the year that departmentalization was enacted.
Knowledge production cannot be departmentalized from other functions, as is customary in industrial manufacturing.
Such joint programs are more common in colleges than in research institutions, where working assumptions generally operate within departmentalized disciplines.
Communications and English are less departmentalized in less research-oriented institutions.
The varying curricular positions of journalism are but one example of how the boundaries between communications and English differ in institutions where disciplines are less departmentalized .
Graduate Studies were not departmentalized in those days, and Fisher ranged over mathematics, science, social science and philosophy.
Such boundary crossings redefined the existing rigid departmentalization of science.
It had to be the departmentalized engineering of society's downfall, I thought.