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departmental / ведомственный, разделенный на округа
имя прилагательное
departmental, department
разделенный на округа
имя прилагательное
concerned with or belonging to a department of an organization.
a departmental meeting
The Minister has directed senior departmental officers with the Board of Shaftson College.
Before that, he worked for nine years in the Prosecutor General's Office as a departmental head.
At that meeting there were 14 departmental staff and officials, and four members of the public.
He said it would be partly financed by swapping departmental buildings in Dublin for property in rural towns.
He should avoid the temptation of wasting time in departmental meetings.
The meeting usually starts with the manager giving us feedback on the business and departmental issues.
He feels that using unspent carry-forward amounts could damage departmental projects.
Dlodlo said road safety was a departmental priority and it was important the cause of the accident be established.
The general reserve account is the main fund that pays for day-to-day departmental services.
Over the next four weeks, each of the departmental budgets will be reviewed.