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department / отдел, отделение, департамент
имя существительное
department, division, branch, desk, group, bureau
separation, department, branch, compartment, secession, detachment
department, board
имя прилагательное
departmental, department
имя существительное
a division of a large organization such as a government, university, business, or shop, dealing with a specific subject, commodity, or area of activity.
the English department
The study was conducted at the emergency department of a university hospital.
I work in a department of about 150 people for the University of California, Davis.
Ponting himself is relishing the responsibility because he has had a chequered past in that department .
At the time, he was enrolled in the law department of the prestigious University of Tokyo.
the toy department
he was a lecturer in the department of history
And if you think that a car with no metal chassis has to be suspect in the strength department think again.
This door in the terraced row led to the history department of the university, or at least the offices for the staff.
I thought pubs were your department
that's not my department