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departed / усопшие, покойник, покойники
имя существительное
deceased, departed, defunct, late lamented
dead, departed
имя прилагательное
late, deceased, departed, defunct, later, latter
dead, deceased, died, late, departed, defunct
deceased, departed, defunct
имя прилагательное
a dear departed relative
имя существительное
a particular dead person or dead people.
the prayer for the departed
leave, typically in order to start a journey.
they departed for Germany
After the war, the district was reborn as Peace Memorial Park, a place where people come to comfort the departed souls and pray for enduring human peace.
God bless our departed brother-in-arms, a risen rainbow warrior for peace and sustainable harmony.
Colleagues held a minute's silence as a mark of respect for their departed friend at last Friday night's card drive in Knock Community Centre.
And it is no length ago since the sadly departed Charlie McCreevy was telling us that we are throwing too much money and not enough action at the problem.
The book also features the final work of my dear departed friend Edvin Biukovic, artist of Grendel and Human Target.
Colleagues from his days in St. Patrick's Training College in Dublin came from various parts of the country to pay tribute to their departed friend.
Several other scholars and organisations have condoled his demise and paid tributes to the departed soul.
We approached the graceful verandah covered in wisteria, and we instinctively lowered our voices, as we could sense the spirits of the departed wafting around.
It's difficult not to be moved by Frequency, a poem to Lee which pictures the departed sticksman ‘lying awake on top of silver clouds’.
Jerry Kupcinet has some nice memories of the departed Mr. Hackett.