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deny / отрицать, отказывать, отвергать
deny, negate, disavow, gainsay, disown, disclaim
refuse, deny, reject, decline, fail, turn down
reject, deny, refuse, repudiate, discard, override
state that one refuses to admit the truth or existence of.
they deny any responsibility for the tragedy
refuse to give or grant (something requested or desired) to (someone).
the inquiry was denied access to intelligence sources
In summary, specialty toy stores cannot compete on prices, so they will agree to deny the product to their discount rivals.
the servants are ordered to deny him
the servants are ordered to deny him
It is absurd to deny people access to their own money which has been compulsorily channelled into some poorly managed scheme, when they could be progressing towards home ownership.
both firms deny any responsibility for the tragedy
This product warns you about tracking software and lets you grant or deny permission to those programs.
It is one thing to acknowledge that the human mind can glimpse truth only as through a glass darkly; and quite another to deny the existence of truth altogether.
I went to the movie with pure enjoyment as my goal, but I couldn't deny a desire to see if a theme from the first two movies would carry through to the third.
Rumours that he had been suspended swept across the centre two weeks ago, but the shopping centre's management company refused to admit or deny the claims.
Mr Riordan has claimed these orders effectively deny him access to the courts.