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denunciation / денонсация, осуждение, разоблачение
имя существительное
denunciation, denouncement
condemnation, conviction, censure, denunciation, disapproval, damnation
exposure, disclosure, revelation, denunciation, reveal, denouncement
имя существительное
public condemnation of someone or something.
Litigation, public denunciations , and even bribery proved fruitless.
denunciation of his reckless methods
She wrote out carefully and with a steady hand that denunciation of Citizen-Deputy Déroulède which has become an historical document, and is preserved in the chronicles of France.
a denunciation of the bombing
In addition to self- denunciation , they wallowed in orgies of accusation against others.
Michel is the main denunciator of foreign interference.
Half a world away, however, the discovery has provoked howls of outrage and denunciations of a woman formerly held in the highest regard.
Since then, the playwright has enjoyed a certain amount of notoriety, as much for his denunciations of the theatre establishment as for his work.
Religious heresy denunciations do not appear often, outside of certain insular ultra-orthodox circles.
‘Religion as mere sentiment,’ he wrote with denunciatory directness, ‘is to me a dream and a mockery.’
If I forgot anybody, send me a denunciatory e-mail.